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Olinder N.V. To the jubilee of professor S.A. Sheifer: all-Russian conference «Topical issues of modern criminal justice of Russia» 29–30 January, 2015, Samara State University

Civil Law

Povarov Yu.S. Essential and other conditions of bank (independent) guarantee

Family and Housing Law

Andrianov A.V. Problems, connected with the part of legislation of the Russian Federation, concerning the application of surrogacy programs

Civil Procedure

Kucherenko D.S. On some issues of judicial practice on regarding cases upon honor, dignity and business reputation protection in regular courts and courts of arbitration

Criminal Law

Adoevskaya O.A. Problems of implementation of principles of legality and humanity in the Russian penal policy

Criminal Process

Erpylev I.V. Admissibility of evidence in the criminal process of common–law countries

Zakotyansky A.S. Participation of the defender in proof on criminal cases: foreign experience

Karyakin E.A. On the concept of judicial truth in criminal proceedings

Kozhevnikov O.A. Subject of public prosecutor’s supervision over the execution of laws at implementation of inquiries and preliminary investigation

Khaidarov A.A. On the problem of the disclosure of evidence of the complainants and witnesses as part of judicial investigation

Shestakova L.A. Using of mediation in juvenile process

Tsurluy O.Yu. Features of proof during court sessions on examination of grievances as provided for in clause 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation

Tribune of young scientist

Safronova Ya.K. Legal regulation of entrepreneurial activity on the energy commodity market

Nurullin A.A. Some aspects of the criminal investigation of kidnapping and false imprisonment in the Russian Federation

Legal education

Letuta T.V., Vagapova M. Formation of respect for right and law by means of using judicial practice for the realization of the Master’s degree programme «Corporate law»


Bezverkhov A.G. Official opponent review on thesis “Crimes, connected with destruction of and damage to property: legislative, theoretical and law enforcement aspects” presented by Dzhangurazov Magomed Akhmadovich on Candidate’s of Law on the specialty 12.00.08 –criminal law and criminology; correctional law

Mikhailova E.V. From civil procedure to criminal procedure: history and modern times (Review of the edition: The Great Reform: 150th anniversary of the Judicial Statutes: In 2 vol. E.A. Borisova, L.V. Golovko (ed.). M., Iustitsinform, 2014, 544 p., p. 340)


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